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Caught In The Storm
Her hair fell in long, ebony waves,
Like dark clouds rolling in from the east;
Her sweet breath like the strong winds that carried them.
He could hear the echo of her voice,
And he fell in love with the way she put his demons to sleep
With the lullaby of her rain.
She, a perfect storm-
He, an awestruck passerby-
Completely taken by the thunder in her words
And the lightning in her eyes.
Another of Mother Nature’s marvels,
She was nothing to take lightly.
Beautifully destructive-
She uprooted the world he knew,
And cleansed his soul,
Just as rain cleansed the earth.
She was a phenomenon in herself.
With the natural elegance only a woman possessed.
But, just like any natural disaster,
She was difficult to understand or explain.
The only thing he knew
Was that he yearned to be in the eye of the storm-
To dive into the blue of her irises,
Wade through their depths,
And taste the secrets she kept hidden.
He revered the way she carried things deep inside her;
Things no one had yet to u
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 2 0
Butterfly Notes
You told me once
How much you loved music,
So my soul created a melody
With you as its muse.
It began with a rhythm
Of quickened heartbeats
And a soft drumming on my ribs
From the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
Both tempos pounded in my ears
And soon an orchestra commenced inside me,
My veins like fine guitar strings,
And my bones like the piano keys your fingers knew too well.
My body put on a grand ballad,
But maybe my breaths were off-key,
Or maybe I was just out of tune,
Because once I had been played
You decided this song wasn’t for you.
And all of the butterflies
Were forced into silence,
And the only sound left
Was the soft echo of breaking wings.
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 2 0
Fae by Poisoned-With-Love Fae :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 12 2 Eric and Ariel by Poisoned-With-Love Eric and Ariel :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 9 0 Torn Apart by Poisoned-With-Love Torn Apart :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 5 8 Break the Binds by Poisoned-With-Love Break the Binds :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 5 6 Truth by Poisoned-With-Love Truth :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 12 5 PleaseDon'tStopTheMusic base by Poisoned-With-Love PleaseDon'tStopTheMusic base :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 219 5
Mew X Mewtwo :5:
I sat quietly in the kitchen, reading my latest novel.  I wasn’t really paying attention to what it was about.  Something about love… I didn’t really know.  I had the tendency to just read the words but not pay attention to what they were saying.  As long as it passed the time until Mew got home.  
“Mewtwo!!!” I heard him scream as he came through the front door.  “I’m homeeeee!”
“I’m in the kitchen,” I said loudly.
“Well get out here, we’re leaving!” he said.  I raised my gaze from the book in my hands.
“What do you mean we’re leaving?”
“We’re leaving.  What’s there to not understand?”
“Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise,” he laughed.  “Now come on!”
“Ugh, fine,” I said and stood up to leave, knowing I wasn’t going to like what he had in mind.  
I was right.
We stood inside the wa
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 9 4
I Love Mewtwo by Poisoned-With-Love I Love Mewtwo :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 11 13
Mew X Mewtwo :4:
I stood atop the hill overlooking the town, like I always did.  The moon was hidden by clouds and the town was mostly dark.  I glanced past my house then turned back.  All the lights were on.  Mew!  I ran back to my house as fast as possible, not knowing what to make of this.  Was Mew alright?  Why was the house lit up like a Christmas tree?  
I burst into the house looking around, crossing my fingers that Mew was alright.
“Mew?” I yelled.  
“MEWTWO!!!” I heard him yell as he ran into the room, his arms spread wide.  “I missed you!!!”  He ran into me full force, almost knocking me over.  He hugged me tightly and I could easily smell the alcohol.
“Have you been drinking?” I asked, feeling my anger rise.
“N-no!  A’ course not!” he smiled.  “Well, m-maybe jus’ a little.”
“Mew, why the hell are you drinking?”
“I-I-I dun know,” he st
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 6 7
Mew X Mewtwo :3:
Approximately 2 years prior:
I sat noiselessly on the bus, looking out the window as it bumped along the road.  I drowned out the meaningless conversations around me, my forehead resting against the cool of the window.  Raindrops streaked the outside of the glass, reflecting the dreariness of my own mood.  I sighed, wishing the bus would hurry up and get to my house.  
The bus skittered to a stop, allowing more passengers to hop on.  Usually I didn’t care to look up and acknowledge the new riders, but something forced me to turn my gaze.  A bright pink haired boy caught my attention, a look of utter sadness in his wide blue eyes.  Long bangs fell carelessly down his forehead and his pink ears hung low.  I noted the long tail that swung behind him, its pink color matching his hair and ears.  He looked somewhat like me, I thought.  He sat down directly across from me, his gaze down on his hands in his lap.  The bus started moving again and I stared intently at him, my curiosity stra
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 7 0
Mew X Mewtwo :2:
The pale light of the moon above shone brightly in my eyes.  Everything around me was a blur as I focused on the white orb overhead.  The cool night breeze blew the purple hair from my face and my ears twitched in the wind.  My tail swung powerfully behind me, its quiet swish breaking the silence.  I stood alone atop a bare hill and my gaze drifted to the town below.  The town was dark, most of its inhabitants probably asleep, as I should be.  But like always, I fought the drowsiness away.  
My impeccable eyesight spotted my house in the darkness of the town.  No lights were on and I sighed.  Mew hopefully had fallen asleep.  I hated to see him wait up for me.  He worried about me too much.  I wished so much I could be like him and sleep effortlessly through the night.  I longed to curl up beside him and share his warmth.  But my protective instincts didn’t allow me that comfort.  I always felt like something bad was about to happen, and if Mew ever got hurt, I would never be able
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 8 2
Mewtwo X Mew :1:
I felt the warmness of the sun tickling my bare arms.  I opened my eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light inside the bedroom.  My vision cleared and the pink haired boy in front of me became clear.  His bangs fell messily across his forehead and onto his pillow, his face calm and peaceful in sleep.  His pink ears twitched, probably from whatever dream he was caught in this morning.  I loved this side of him; it was the only time he was quiet.  
Careful not to disturb him, I gently lifted the blankets off of me and stood from the bed.  I raised my arms above my head in a stretch, and walked down the hall to the bathroom.  The sleepy eyed reflection in the bathroom mirror stared angrily back at me, purple hair splayed messily around my head.  I didn’t care what it looked like, so I tied it back in its usual ponytail and it flowed wildly against the white tank top I’d worn to bed.  I yawned and leaned against the sink, my
:iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 9 0
Nighty Night by Poisoned-With-Love Nighty Night :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 3 0 Thinking of Anwar by Poisoned-With-Love Thinking of Anwar :iconpoisoned-with-love:Poisoned-With-Love 12 3


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United States
Hello lovelies~
I'm 20 years old. I love to paint and watch the same tv show over and over til I memorize everything. I dabble in the art of staying up all night watching makeup tutorials on youtube. That's basically me in a nutshell but if you wanna know more, feel free to send me a note! :) XOXO
I deleted a whole bunch of crap art from this site and I'll hopefully be posting some better ones soon. Sorry for the inactivity guys. :)


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Hi! first of all I would like to tell you that your drawings are beautiful. :) :heart:
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Your base: poisoned-with-love.deviantart.…
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That girl allegedly claims to have asked for permission to modify her base, which was granted by you in exchange for 20 points. She even showed a supposed proof of that (a Hangouts conversation "with you")…
I do not know if you actually granted her permission or she's lying, please I'd like to know the truth.
And sorry for my bad English, my native language is Spanish. xd
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I appreciate you faving (or cataloging) the bases I used from you - It was fun using them :) 
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